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6th-May-2020 04:20 pm(no subject)

No longer accepting friend requests. Sorry.

I don't update this journal anymore but I am still active as a moderator at hey_say and of course, my own translation community - jump_no1. 

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8th-Sep-2010 09:46 pm - Duet Oct Ryutaro - Translation

"The choregrapher would yell at me, "Go home!" "Collapse )
(Corrections are welcome.
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6th-Sep-2010 09:42 pm - Myojo Oct 2010 Ryutaro - Translation
森本龍太郎 ; 海

For me, SUMMARY is a memorable place. My first performance when I became a Jr. was the SUMMARY carried out in 2004. So when the performance was decided upon, I was happy. Moreover, there are a lot of little Jr.s appearing so I remember my old self. [My old self that] couldn't understand anything like the hooks of songs or the left and right part of the stage. I was confused so it was really hard. Maybe [Snow Prince's] Chino Aoi is having the same feelings that I did at that time, no? I think that there are a lot of difficult things. But when that difficulty is surmounted, there's enjoyment. I also want Chino to experience that feeling. Anyway, from simple things, when we disagree we definitely play rock paper scissors. I don't want to lose. Not to him only (laughs). It's not that I'm becoming the little kids' teacher but it would be nice if they would learn some things. Even elementary things like putting themselves together so that they would not injure themselves and that proper sleep is important and the like would be good, ne.

(Corrections are welcome! :3
No reposting, please. ♥)
Requested by king_kun 
I've translated SPG's part in duet XDD
I still have the 2nd page to do which I will start on.. tomorrow XDD *fail*
I didn't *completely* proofread this yet so, lol.

Snow = Salt? Soap? o.OCollapse )
8th-Jan-2010 09:35 pm - ryutaro - duet feb. translation~
I've translated Ryutaro's part of Duet~~~ =D

Even if it's going to become a talk of last year, I put the decorations of the Christmas tree at my house. Because my mom said "Help me", so I did. If I were to be honest/diligent, I would show Santa and Kamisama, right? Then I'm supposed to get something I want as a present right? was what I thought  (laughs). My endurance of decorating being praised, even my mom told me "How about you wish for presents?" I immediately put a letter for Santa in the decorated boot in the tree. It said, "Please give me a bike*". Eh? It's just something plain? It's good though. It's something I want! The mountain bike that was bought for me when I was in elementary can't be used anymore. If I ride it, the tire would be out of place (laughs). The opportunities of running in a mountain trail is zero, I haven't come to understand even the meaning of riding a mountain bike, so absolutely a bike* is the best! Ma, I will once again report it if I got a present as hoped for, ne.
More under the cut~ XDCollapse )
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